Teaching Honors

The Honors Program can only thrive through the involvement of faculty who are dedicated to designing unique, intellectually rigorous courses and who identify with the mission of the Program. We encourage interested faculty to contact the office to discuss Honors teaching opportunities and/or to download and complete the course proposal packet.

Because Honors courses allow faculty members the opportunity to try out new pedagogical methods, or to specialize in their own areas of scholarly interest, instructors often report being invigorated as a result of teaching these courses. They also enjoy interacting one-on-one with highly motivated and talented students in small classes. Simply put, Honors courses can provide faculty with some of their most rewarding teaching experiences at ACC.

The Honors Program invites faculty to make proposals for courses each academic year.

Important Proposal Deadlines and Information

Proposals for the upcoming summer semester should be submitted between January -March 15th.  Registration begins in April.

Proposals for the upcoming fall semester should be submitted between January – March 15th.  Registration begins in May.

Proposals for the upcoming spring semester should be submitted between July – September 15th.  Registration begins in October.

**Course proposals must complete the signature process by these deadlines.  We have found the departmental signature process can take several weeks; as such it is strongly advised that course proposals be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline to allow ample time for signature collection and any subsequent requests for modification.**