Housing Agreements & Locator Services

ACC does not provide student housing. You will need to make your own housing arrangements. Investigate your options independently or work with an apartment locator service.

Housing considerations

When selecting a location, some things to consider are:

  • Type of housing, such as a private dormitory, furnished or unfurnished apartment, or private home.
  • Proximity to public transportation, shopping, restaurants, ACC’s International Student Office, and the campus or campuses you will attend.
  • Conditions and length of lease agreement.

Lease agreement precautions

A lease agreement is a binding legal contract between you and the property owner. Prospective students are strongly advised to read, ask questions if unclear on any part of the lease, and understand all aspects of the document before signing.

It is difficult to break a lease, so never sign a lease unless you are completely satisfied with the apartment/house and understand all the terms of the lease. By signing the lease, you are obligated to all the terms, including paying rent for the duration of the lease.

It is advisable to view the apartment in person before signing a lease.

Apartment locator services

Below a list of apartment locator services that may assist you with finding a private dormitory, apartment, or rental home. Note this information is provided as a convenience to students and ACC does not endorse or have a relationship with any organization listed here.

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