All international students and their dependents must file at least one U.S. tax form for every year they are present in the U.S.

The form you submit depends on whether you received U.S. income, which includes wages, scholarships, housing stipends, cash awards, etc.

Tax Forms & Deadlines
Did You Receive U.S. Income last calendar year? Required Forms Deadline
Yes, I did earn U.S. income IRS Form 1040NR-EZ or IRS Form 1040NR AND IRS Form 8843 See IRS Deadlines
No, I did NOT earn U.S. income IRS Form 8843 See IRS Deadlines

Note that ACC employees are not experts on tax filing, and we are not able to answer student-specific questions about taxes.  If you need information on tax filing, we recommend you look to the following resources:

Non-Resident Tax Preparation Assistance

  • Sprintax is the only online solution for filing your non-resident taxes.  

Volunteer Tax Preparation Assistance