New Degree Request

An F-1 student who is graduating from an academic program at ACC, or returning to ACC after their OPT has ended, must declare their new academic program and submit updated financial documents. A visit with the Area of Study (AoS) academic advisor is required to update and declare their new major. The F-1 student must have their Area of Study (AoS) academic advisor complete this form and create a degree audit with the newly selected academic major.

Students must enroll full time and may not choose a degree plan in which the major coursework is exclusively online (Marketing, International Business, Real Estate, etc). Full time enrollment is defined as: twelve (12) credit hours each Fall and Spring semester, six (6) credit hours if starting the new academic program in a Summer semester, and only one online (distance learning) course, out of the required twelve (12) credit hours, per semester.

In addition to the New Degree Request form and degree audit, an F-1 student must also submit a new Statement of Financial Support form and bank statement. F-1 students must submit all required documents to the International Student Office (ISO) for approval.

Submit the following documents to the International Student Office to request a Change of Level to a new program:

Change of Level to a New Program documents may be submitted to the International Student Office (ISO) to However, the ISO may request them to be submitted in person. Documents must be clean, clear, and legible. Requests are reviewed by the ISO and the student is notified via email upon completion. Allow five (5) business days for processing.

Request to Add Second Major

Please see instructions on how to Request to Add Second Major.