International Students Working with Agents or Recruiters

You are not required to contract an agent or recruiter to apply to Austin Community College. All application information is posted for free on the ACC International Student Office webpage.

However, if you choose to use an agent or recruiter, when completing your online application, the student must use their own personal email. The online application profile of the student should not include an agent or recruiter email, nor a proxy’s email, nor a family member’s email.

Additionally, new immigration Policy Guidance clarifies that for reasons of privacy, security and fraud prevention, Austin Community College (the SEVP-certified school) must issue the Form I-20 directly to the nonimmigrant student. Due to the new immigration policy, DSOs are only authorized to release the Form I-20 directly to nonimmigrant students, or, for minors, to their parent or legal guardian.

Agents or recruiters may not receive the Form I-20 directly from Austin Community College and control the distribution of the Form I-20 for the prospective student.

Once accepted, when scheduling shipment of the acceptance packet, which includes for Form I-20, the shipment address should be the student's address and not an agent, agency, or recruiters address.

Review and download the new Form I-20 Issuance and School Use of Recruiters Policy Guidance on here.