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The Learning Lab provides the following handouts and resources in a variety of academic subjects.

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 English & Writing Aids
Online Writing Lab Purdue University Online Writing Lab serving writers from around the world Website


Mathematics Aids - All Levels
Online math handouts ACC Elgin Campus Learning Lab Online
Geometry formulas Formulas for 2-D and 3-D geometrical shapes PDF
Greek alphabet Pronunciation, capital letters, and lower case letters PDF
Math anxiety How to handle math anxiety PDF
Powers of 10 Units for the SI (metric) measurement system PDF
Test-taking strategies Strategies for taking math tests PDF


 Basic Math Aids
Divisibility tests Strategies to identify quickly what numbers a given number is divisible by PDF
Multiplication tables Multiplication tables up to 20 by 20 PDF
Order of operations Basic order of operations hierarchy PDF


Algebra Aids
Algebraic formulas Algebra formulas and rules PDF
Speaking algebra Translation of English into algebraic expressions PDF
Rules for signed numbers Rules for arithmetic of signed (positive & negative) numbers. PDF


Exponent & Logarithm Aids
Become friends with logarithms Examples of working with logarithms PDF
Exponent properties Basic exponent properties with examples PDF
Logarithm properties Basic exponent properties with examples PDF


Factoring Aids
Basic Factoring Strategies Basic factoring strategies and formulas PDF
Factoring by Grouping & AC Method Factoring by Grouping and using the AC Method PDF
Factoring by Trial and Error Factoring by the Trial and Error Method PDF


Fraction Aids
Arithmetic of Fractions Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions PDF


 Graphing Aids
Linear Equations Formulas for graphing and constructing linear relationships from data PDF
Catalog of Graphs A brief catalog of graphs PDF


Statistics Aids
Statistics reference Statistics formulas PDF


Trigonometry Aids
Trigonometry reference Trigonometric formulas and the unit circle PDF


Calculus Aids
Derivation and integration review Basic rules for derivatives and integrals. PDF
Derivative review Basic derivative rules PDF
Integration review Basic integration rules PDF
Integration by parts Technique of integration by parts PDF
Integration by substitution Technique of integration by substitution PDF
Physics Applications for Calculus II (Sections 6.5) reference sheet Applications of integration to physics and engineering for Stewart Calculus Book, 3rd Edition PDF
Power series Power series representation for the elementary functions PDF
Sequences Sequences PDF
Series convergence flowchart Demonstrates process for determining series convergence PDF
Tests for series convergence Tests for series convergence PDF


TI-86 Graphing Calculator Aids
TI-86 handout one Solving equations with the simultaneous solver, setting up the custom menu, and graphing piece-wise defined functions, and solving polynomials with the polynomial solver PDF
TI-86 handout two Manipulating matrices by basic row operations PDF


TI-89 Graphing Calculator Aids
TI-89 basic graphing Basic graphing on the TI-89 calculator. PDF
TI-89 calculus features Advanced calculus based features of the TI-89 calculator PDF
TI-89 common errors Common errors when working with the TI-89 calculator. PDF


General College Physics Aids
Kinematics, forces and energy PDF
Rotational motion and fluid PDF
Waves and heat PDF
Useful physical data PDF