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Cypress Creek Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
LaTina Branch Regional Director - North/ CYP Learning Lab Manager 512-223-2040
Martha Rodriguez Student Affairs Assistant 512-223-2015
Matthew Grayson Tutoring Specialist 512-223-2076
Jeanne Weise Instructional Associate, Math/Physics 512-223-2054
Britta Wilmore Instructional Associate, Chemistry 512-223-2054
Eastview Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Dr. Theresa Mooney Learning Lab Manager 512-223-5115
Tommie Acree Administrative Assistant II/ Central Region Admin 512-223-5114
Julia Maffei Instructional Associate, Reading 512-223-5114 
Sadhama Shikla Tutoring Specialist, Math & Pharma Dosage Calaculations 512-223-5114
Jeff Chan Instructional Associate, Writing 512-223-5114
Elgin Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Marie-Line McGhee Learning Lab Manager 512-223-9423
Vernon Goler Tutoring Specialist 512-223-9422
Hays Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Jeffery Harris Regional Director - South/ HYS Learning Lab Manager (512) 262.6577
(Hays Internal) 512-223-1577
Randy Schleicher Computer Applications Technician and Tutor (512) 262.6578 (Hays Internal)
Daniel Morris Tutoring Specialist, Mathematics (512-) 262.6580
(Hays Internal) 512-223-1580
Highland Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Felix Barajas Learning Lab Manager 512-223-7438
Alana Torrez Student Affairs Assistant 512-223-7438
Anaka Rivera Instructional Associate, Government 512-223-7438
Dennis Rocha Instructional Associate, Biology 512-223-7438
Wolfgang Frey Instructional Associate, Physics 512-223-7438
Parichehr Fariborz Instructional Associate, Math 512-223-7438
Sarah Simpson Instructional Associate, Math 512-223-7438
Mark Armstrong Instructional Associate, English 512-223-7438
Susan Meigs Instructional Associate, English 512-223-7438
Sarah Poff Instructional Associate, English 512-223-7438
Northridge Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Rosie Cantu Learning Lab Manager 512-223-4816
Amanda King Tutoring Specialist 512-223-4847
Cathy Welch Instructional Associate, Writing 512-223-4813
Kivilcim "Kim" Kilic Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-4813
Yusuf Yildirim Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-4813
Chris Haluska Instructional Associate, Physics 512-223-4813
Herb Ling Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-4813
Kevin MacKie Instructional Associate, ESOL 512-223-4813
Online Learning Lab
Name Title Phone

Dr. Deeadra Albert-Green

Director, Online Support and Embedded Services 512-223-0403
Danield "Jamey" Hall Tutoring Specialist 512-223-0403
Seth McLagan Tutoring Specialist 512-223-0403
Catherine Wadbrook Tutoring Specialist 512-223-0403
Mariana Mykolenko Administrative Assistant 512-223-0211
Rio Grande Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Myra Bradley Learning Lab Manager 512-223-3365
Gabriel Rodriguez Computer Applications Technician and Tutor 512-223-3366
Lee Kyle Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-3367 
Martin Prahovic Instructional Associate, Physics 512-223-3367 
Riverside Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Helen Dailey Learning Lab Manager 512-223-6036
Cynthia Arevalo Administrative Assistant III/ South Region Admin 512-223-6033
Felix Batchassi Computer Applications Technician and Tutor 512-223-6240
David Kramer Instructional Associate, History 512-223-6037
Michael Hanna Tutoring Specialist, English 512-223-6037
Sandra Johnson Tutoring Specialist, Mathematics 512-223-6037
Brian Doring Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-6037
Paul "Muse" Ritter Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-6037
Ricky Roberson Instructional Associate, History 512-223-6037
Teresa Shu Tutoring Specialist, Spanish 512-223-6037
Mary Dallas Instructional Associate, English 512-223-6037
Round Rock Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Will Zech Learning Lab Manager 512-223-0213
Lynda Wall Administrative Assistant II/North Region Admin 512-223-0207
Scott Nordquist Computer Applications Technician and Tutor 512-223-0212
Saeed Sallemikia Tutoring Specialist, Mathematics 512-223-0207
Brian Nicolet Tutoring Specialist, English and Writing Skills 512-223-0373
Nicholas Hernandez Tutoring Specialist, Biology/Chemistry 512-223-0216
James Dinh Instructional Associate, Mathematics 512-223-0207
Sam Clifford Instructional Associate, Biology/Chemistry 512-223-0215
Wahiduzzaman Mirza Tutoring Specialist, Math/Physics 512-223-0217
Fattaneh Hashemi Tutoring Specialist, Mathematics 512-223-0402
San Gabriel Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Jose Resendez Regional Director - Central/ SGC Learning Lab Manager 512-223-2500
David Stellman Instructional Associate, ESOL


South Austin Learning Lab
Name Title Phone
Sarah Wright Learning Lab Manager 512-223-9248
Keith Lorcher Computer Applications Technician and Tutor 512-223-9245
Ann Dillon Instructional Associate, Reading 512-223-9248
Pat Blankenship Tutoring Specialist, Sciences 512-223-9248
Louisa Spaventa Instructional Associate, English 512-223-9248