Counseling Groups

The ACC District Clinical Counseling Services team provides counseling groups which vary each semester. Counseling groups bring together people who are going through or have gone through similar experiences. Members with the same issues can come together for sharing coping strategies, to feel more empowered and for a sense of community.

Stress Management

The group focuses on teaching cognitive and experiential techniques to aid in building mental resilience, finding balance in life, and calming the mind and body.

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Women Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse Therapy Group

Narcissistic abuse is a pattern of abuse where one individual manipulates, demeans and/or controls another for personal gain. This group will be a safe space for women to share their experiences, support one another, and heal. Individuals who are healing from narcissistic abuse are often on a journey to develop or regain their sense of self worth and value, learn to trust themselves and others, and learn to express their wants, needs, and boundaries.

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Relationship Skills Group

Relationships are complicated and they can reveal a lot about who we are. Our group seeks to enhance our understanding of how we interact within relationships, as well as why relationships impact us so much. In this group, we seek to share openly and safely with one another and learn ways to navigate relationship(s) with emotional self-care, healthy boundaries, improved communication skills, and much more!

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Homecoming: Trauma Coping Support Group

Homecoming, a trauma support group bringing together survivors of trauma to explore new strategies for managing trauma related triggers, practice integrating coping skills into day to day practice, and support and learn from other survivors of trauma. With research showing that trauma is less about what happened to you and more about how you and your body reacted to what happened to you, we desire to cultivate a safe space for ACC students that is free from judgment and self judgment as we grow our compassion for the healing journey of each member in this group, including ourselves.

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