Registration Stations

Registration Stations

In-Person and Virtual Registration Assistance

We are here for you during registration periods to provide one-on-one support with the online registration and tuition payment systems once you have created an academic course plan. Need help selecting which courses you need to take for your degree plan? Contact an area of study advisor for assistance.

Are You Registration Ready?

To best support your registration experience, please ensure you are ready to register by answering these quick questions, in order.

  • Have you activated your ACCeID and ACCmail? 
    • Has your ACCeID been activated? ACCmail? Your ACCeID must be activated to register

      -- Great, you can move to the next question
      No-- Ok, No problem, Click ACCeID to activate your account

      Activate your ACC Gmail to receive registration confirmation and other important messages from ACC. Has your ACC Gmail account been activated?

      Yes -- Great, you can move to the next question
      No-- Ok, No problem, Click ACCmail to activate your account

  • Have you selected the courses you need to register?
    • Yes -- Great, you’re on the right track! Next question.
      No -- No worries. If you need assistance selecting courses:

  • Do you have any holds on your record?
    • If you’re not sure, login to your Self-Service account to see any hold notifications that might restrict you from registering. Information about student holds can be found by visiting the student holds page.

      No -- That’s great! There’s no holding you back. You’re ready to register. Click here to set up an appointment.

      If you have any questions about how to complete any of the required steps above please contact the Help Desk.

I am ready to register

Schedule an appointment with our Virtual Registration staff or email us at

Schedule Appointment

If you would like in-person registration assistance, stop by the Highland, Round Rock, or San Gabriel campus ACCelerators Monday-Friday (8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.).