Student Holds

A student hold may prevent you from registering for classes. See the chart below for common holds.

Check the notifications section in MyACC for any student holds you may have. Allow up to 24 hours for a student hold to be removed from your record after you have completed the requirement.

If instructions note to send via ACC email, the email address is

Common Student Holds
Code Requirement
AQU Residency information needed. See instructions.
ADR Address needs correction. Addresses listed on your student record and your residency information form must match. See instructions.
AR2 High school transcript needed. See instructions.
AR6 College transcript needed. See instructions.
BCK Returned item by financial institution: Pay online
BDA Past due balance: Pay online
BDS Past due balances below $50.00: Pay online
CBK Collection Returned Item by financial institution: Pay online
CEH Past due balance – Continuing Education. Pay online
COA Collection-Outstanding balance:  Pay online
COL Collection-Payment plan balance:  Pay online
CRR Declaration of major/program of study required. See instructions.
HRC Health Records Compliance. Meningitis compliance required. More information.
AGA Group Advising Required.

Enrollment required in Student Success Course. Meet with your advisor for assistance.