Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Programs and Services

Learn about the programs and services that Austin Community College offers students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Welcome to Austin Community College! This website is a portal that provides information and links to programs and services at ACC related to Deaf or Hard of Hearing postsecondary education.

If you are a student, parent, teacher, faculty/staff, or anyone interested in learning more about academic classes or workforce training opportunities, you will find key information here to get you started.

  • Advising and counseling
    • ACC advisors and counselors will help you reach your goals. You may see any counselor or SAS coordinator at any campus. The videos below feature a Deaf counselor and SAS coordinator who communicate in ASL.

      Counseling services are designed to help students achieve their educational and career goals. You may see any counselor at any campus.  The video above features a deaf counselor, fluent in ASL, who works at the Riverside campus.  She can help Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students get started at ACC, with everything from testing, advising, registration, degree and career planning, transfer issues and developing academic and personal goals. Contact:

  • Accessibility services
    • Every campus has a Student Accessibility Services office to help students who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing.

      Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides students with documented disabilities one-­on-­one advising, approved accommodations, and a variety of support services.  You may see any SAS at any campus.  The video above features a deaf SAS Coordinator, fluent in ASL, who works at the Hays campus. Learn more.

  • American Sign Language interpreters
    • American Sign Language interpreters help you get more out of your college experience.

      Interpreting services are provided for Deaf and hard-of-hearing students, faculty, and staff. This communication access is available for credit and noncredit classes, student (space)­teacher meetings, counselor (space) ­student meetings, campus activities, college-wide meetings, and special events at all of ACC's campuses and at over 30 satellite locations. Email:

  • ESOL classes taught in ASL
    • Our ESOL program has classes taught in American Sign Language to help Deaf and hard-of-hearing students improve their English.

      The ESOL program for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at ACC helps students develop and improve their metalinguistic (language) skills in reading, writing, and grammar, plus prepare them for essay writing so they can transition to college­ level courses.

      The ESOL faculty who teach these classes are certified in Deaf education, are Deaf or hearing, and all are fluent in ASL.

      Reading, writing and grammar are taught together in four levels that build from basic to advanced English language skills. Students take the ESOL assessment to determine which level they start with.

      There are also exciting ASL level-1 grammar classes and an intensive grammar classes that help students hone their skills prior to taking English Composition I. Email: or learn more at the ESOL website.

  • ASL classes and interpreter training
    • Get college credit for your American Sign Language skills through our American Sign Language/Interpreter Preparation Program.

      The Department of American Sign Language and Interpreter Training has many things to offer Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students at ACC.

      Do you want to earn credit for knowing ASL? Did you know that students who are native speakers of Spanish are able to get college credit? ASL users can do the same.

      Do you want a deeper understanding of the ASL and its rules, grammar, and linguistics? Our department offers ASL levels 5 and 6 to give you a more comprehensive and linguistic understanding of ASL.

      ASL users can study ASL in depth and can study topics such as academic ASL, ASL literature and more.

      Learning more about ASL can help you to become an ASL tutor or teacher.

      Are you interested in becoming a Deaf interpreter? A Deaf interpreter is a specialist who provides interpreting, translation, and transliteration services in American Sign Language and other visual and tactual communication forms used by individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, and Deaf­blind. For more information:­is­the­deaf­interpreter or

      For more information about our program or any questions, please contact our department at or VP 512­410­6539 or visit our website.

  • Free tutoring and computer access
    • Professional tutors and other academic support is available in every campus Learning Lab.

      The ACC Learning Labs provide one­-on-­one and small group tutoring, guided study groups, self­-paced independent study, computer­-based tutorials, and open computer access to all ACC students in a friendly, open setting.

      At the Riverside Campus, there are tutors who are fluent in ASL, who assist Deaf and hard of hearing students in reading, writing, math, and other subjects. Email: or learn more at the the Tutoring website.

  • Financial aid and paying for college
    • Learn how to get -- and keep -- your financial aid.

      The Financial Aid Office explains information about financial aid programs and the financial aid process: FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), Pell grants, student loans, work study, and scholarships.

      They also help clarify your financial aid rights and responsibilities, explain the academic requirements for receiving financial aid, how to determine the cost of attending ACC, and how to calculate your financial aid need. Learn more at the Financial Aid website

  • International student admissions
    • International students can apply to ACC through the International Student Office.

      International students who are Deaf or hard of hearing must complete the ACC application and enrollment process with the International Student Office and meet immigration requirements. The International Student Office will help determine your student visa requirements, admissions and records issues, and explain English as a Second Language options and academic enrollment requirements. Learn more at the International Students admission website.

  • Gallaudet University at ACC
    • Gallaudet University operates one of its regional centers at Austin Community College if you're interested in continuing your education toward a bachelor's degree.

      Hello, I’m JoAnn Benfield, interim director for the Gallaudet University Regional Center ­ South (GURC­SW). GURC ­ SW is here to support you through your experience at Austin Community College. We have developed has an articulation agreement called the 2+2 transfer program between Austin Community College and Gallaudet University, to ensure that students have a smooth transition to the University after completing 2 years of general studies here at ACC. For more information, visit our website at  and don't forget to “like us” on Facebook. If you have any questions or concerns, visit us at Riverside Campus Building A or email us at