Testing Accommodations

The Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office can assist you with accommodations due to your disability for the TSI Assessment as well as for academic testing after you are enrolled in your courses.

Contact the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office to get started.

TSI Assessment Accommodations 

If you need accommodations for the TSI Assessment, please contact Student Accessibility Services (SAS) before you schedule your TSI Assessment appointment.

Academic Testing Accommodations 

For course examinations, if you are approved to test in the SAS testing lab, the following procedures apply:

  • Inform your instructor if you intend to take tests, including pop quizzes, in Accessibility Services.
  • Contact Student Accessibility Services at least five days in advance to schedule your test. Drop-in testing is not permitted.
  • Provide the following information available when scheduling your test: course number, course name, course section, test number, and instructor’s name. 
  • Immediately inform your instructor of your scheduled Accessibility Services test date.
  • Arrive on time to take your test. You are marked “no show” if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.
  • Tests will not be rescheduled because of lack of preparation time, etc. 
  • You cannot use auxiliary test aids such as calculators or formula tables unless authorized by your instructor or Accessibility Services.
  • You must turn in your test at the allotted time.
  • Bring an instructor’s note if your test will split into two or more sessions.
  • Plan for no restroom breaks unless you have specific advance approval or the test exceeds two hours. When testing over two hours, you may request one supervised restroom break.
  • Abide by the Student Standards of Conduct (View Catalog) when taking tests. Cases of scholastic dishonesty will be reported to your instructor and to the campus dean of student services.
  • If assigned to your test period, the learning assistant is required to:
    • Not provide coaching.
    • Remain with you until the test is completed.
    • Repeat test items as often as you request.