Study Abroad: Questions & Answers


  • I am a dual-credit student. Can I study abroad?
    • If you are 18 or older, you are eligible to participate in ACC’s study abroad programs. Tuition and fees for the ACC class are waived but not fees for the trip and other related expenses. Contact International Programs for information.
  • I attend another university and am not taking any classes at ACC. Can I study abroad with one of your programs?
  • Do I have to speak the language of the destination country?
    • Study abroad programs that focus on a foreign language do require that you speak the language; other programs do not.
  • Can I apply for a study abroad program before a prerequisite is completed?
    • Yes. You have until the program begins to complete any course prerequisites. However, you must successfully complete the course prerequisites with a passing grade. A failing grade in a prerequisite course would make a student ineligible to continue their participation.

Applying for study abroad

  • How do I apply for a study abroad program?
    • First, you should review program information at International Programs or on the study abroad website. After deciding on a program, you must complete an advising appointment with International Programs before submitting an application. The advisor will go over program details, the application process, and rules and procedures. You will be given all required application forms.
  • Is there an application fee?

Courses & credits

  • Will I earn credit for a study abroad program?
  • How do I register for my study abroad courses?
    • International Programs registers you for the actual courses late in the spring semester. You receive details at the pre-departure information session.
  • I have already taken a course that is being offered with a study abroad program. Can still I take the course again?
    • Yes, you may take the course again. ACC will take the higher grade from the two courses when calculating your final ACC GPA. However, if you plan to transfer, check with that institution regarding transfer credit eligibility.
  • Will study abroad credits transfer to my new school?

Program length

  • How long are the study abroad programs?
  • Will I be abroad during the whole program?
    • While some study abroad programs take place entirely abroad, many are taught partially in Austin and partially abroad.

Program fees

  • Is the program fee all-inclusive?
    • Program fees are not all-inclusive. Some program fees include:

      • Group roundtrip airfare and airport transfers.
      • Excursion, entrance fees, and ground transportation for scheduled activities and events.
      • Accommodations.
      • Meals listed on the itinerary.
      • Third-party provider health and accident insurance.

      The program fee does not include:

      • ACC tuition/fees/textbooks,
      • Meals not indicated on itinerary,
      • Personal expenses (shopping, entertainment, cell phone, etc.),
      • Passport and visa fees (if applicable),
      • Medical/insurance expenses.

      Each program fee is different, so please refer to the specific program information packet. Program fees are subject to change and are non-refundable except for special circumstances that would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis or if International Programs cancels the program due to low enrollment or other force majeure circumstances.

  • Why are program fees non-refundable?
    • Program fee payments become non-refundable as soon as International Programs makes contractual arrangements for logistic and support services associated with each study abroad program. Service prices are based on group rates set by service providers, not individual rates.

      If you have questions, contact International Programs.