Transfer Team Appointments

ACC Transfer Team
Regions served Employee
North and Central Regions Ram Vela, Career and Transfer Specialist
North and South Region and  Distance Learning Victor Gonzalez, Transfer Specialist
District Christine Gonzales, Student Affairs Assistant
District Marisa Rodriguez Serrano, Transfer Resources Coordinator
District Renee Esparza, Transfer Resources Director

Preparing for your transfer appointment

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Transferring into ACC? Visit our Transfer to ACC page.

Here are some tips to make the best of your upcoming appointment:

  • Academic and Career Planning
    • Knowing the career you want to pursue can help you decide what to major in and which universities might be best to help you meet your career goals. ACC's Career Services provides strategic career guidance, assessments, resources, and programs to help students strengthen academic and career goals, and establish career plans. Visit to learn more.

  • Transfer Exploration
    • Planning a successful transfer includes exploration of potential transfer destinations, their programs, and admissions requirements.  ACC offers resources and information to help find the best university for you. We recommend downloading our Transfer Research Worksheet, attending a Transfer Academy: Transfer Essentials or Getting Interactive session, and/or visiting Big Futurea search engine that allows you to filter universities  by location, major, course modality, distance from home, and more to help identify universities in where you will thrive.

  • Course Selection
  • Essay Writing
    • Career and Transfer Specialists are available to review essay drafts with you one-on-one to ensure they address prompts and are reflective of you as a student. We can help brainstorm essay topics based on your experiences, educational goals, and values. Our Learning Lab is available for assistance with grammatical review. Starting your essays early will ensure enough time for adequate review.
  • Transfer Application Assistance
    • If you are working on your university transfer application, our team can help. Come prepared with your application (e.g. ApplyTexas or Coalition) log-in so we can guide you through the application; and your MyACC log in available in order to easily access required information like completed hours, GPA, and enrolled courses.