Transfer Support Specialists

Career & Transfer Specialists

Interested in transferring to a four-year college or university? Get one-on-one assistance from ACC Career & Transfer Specialists. We can help with resume review, applications/scholarship essay revisions, the Apply Texas application, career exploration and more. Services are available in person, over the phone, or via web chat.

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Career and Transfer Staff
Campuses served Employee Request an Appointment
Cypress Creek, Round Rock, San Gabriel Shantelle Harper, Career and Transfer Specialist

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Eastview, Elgin, Highland, Rio Grande Edgar Medina, Career and Transfer Specialist
Hays, Riverside, South Austin Abigail Garza, Career and Transfer Specialist
Highland, Northridge Ram Vela, Career and Transfer Specialists
District Marisa Rodriguez Serrano, Transfer Resources Coordinator
District Renee Esparza, Transfer Resources Director

Transfer Services Representatives

Each ACC Campus has a representative who serves on a district wide transfer services committee. Campus representatives are listed below. If you are a university representative interested in recruiting on our campuses please contact Renee

Transfer Services Committee
Campus Employee Email
CYP Traci Kopp
EGN Rebecca Zapata 
EVC Darrell Merriweather
HYS Vacant  
HLC Mitchell Simmons 
NRG Priscilla Nino 
RGC Vacant  
RRC Patricia Beck 
RVS Gary Brown
SAC Joe Ramirez
SGN Leticia Botello