Request a Tuition Exemption for Blindness or Deafness

Texas offers a college tuition exemption for students who are blind or Deaf.


To qualify for the exemption, you must be a Texas resident, have a high school diploma or GED, and meet the criteria for either disability.

Tuition Exemption Criteria for Blindness or Deafness


Hearing is nonfunctional for normal conversation after all necessary medical treatment, surgery, and hearing aids are used.


A visual condition for which medical prognosis indicates a progressive deterioration that may result in a substantial vocational handicap.

Request the exemption

Submit the required documents to any campus Student Accessibility Services at least 10 days before you register for classes.

  • Include your name and Social Security number on all documents.
  • All documents must include the appropriate signature.
  • Incomplete documentation will not be processed.
Required Tuition Exemption Documents
Submit each of the following to the Office for Students with Disabilities to claim a tuition exemption.
Cover Letter A letter from you requesting the tuition waiver under Texas Senate Bill 183. Include your address and phone number in addition to your name and Social Security number.
Disability Certification Either –
A statement on letterhead from the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, Texas Commission for the Blind, or Texas Commission for the Deaf that states you are a person who is Deaf or blind according to the criteria above;
Diagnostic proof of disability on letterhead from a physician specialist in ophthalmology, audiology, ear, nose, throat, or other licensed practitioner.
Letter of Recommendation A letter from a principal, public official, instructor, or otherwise responsible person stating your ability to benefit from college.
Statement of Purpose A signed statement from you describing your reason for attending ACC and your plan for how this will help you vocationally.