Assessment Study Materials

Prepare for assessment tests by reviewing concepts in reading, grammar, and math—especially if you have been out of school for more than a year.

Online review

Use free online review materials for the TSI Assessment as well as the biology, ESOL, and math assessments.

Fee-based prep classes

Register for any of the fee-based test preparation classes offered by ACC's Continuing Education Division.

Learning Lab assistance

Visit the Learning Lab for help reviewing your skills and identifying where you should focus your study efforts. The Learning Lab also has study guides with sample exercises, practice tests, and test-taking tips (in-lab use only).

TSI math test prep

Links to TSI math sample question PDFs are available for Basic Math; Elementary Algebra; Intermediate Algebra; Geometry; and Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability.

ALEKS Higher Level math test prep

Links to higher level math sample question PDFs are available for Trig, and College Algebra.

Avoid test anxiety

Take an online workshop to overcome test anxiety and prepare emotionally for tests.