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Exam I: Introduction - Cells & Tissues

 Lecture Notes


Lecture Outline
for exam I

Practice Questions forExam I

 Introduction, What is Life?  
What is Science?
 Matter & Energy  Basic Elements of the Body
 Biomolecules  Basic Molecules of the Body
Cell Structure  
 Cell Function  
 Intro To Human Tissues  

Web Link:  Safety Video a synopsis of essential information to remain safe in ACC's laboratories.

Web Link: List of Technical and Popular Medical Terms an excellent site for short definitions of medical terms with both foreward and reverse terms and definitions

Web Link: Medicine Net a general site for med terms and medical information; descriptions of symptoms and diseases; health and weight assessment, etc

Web Link: Health Digest another general site full of clinical information, medical terminology, drug descriptions, health and fittness information

Web Link:  Free A&P Coloring Book

Web Link:  Anatomy & Physiology Tutorial.  A comprehensive site with illustrations, model keys and tutorials for all body systems

Web Link:  Photogallery of Anatomy Models.  Labeled models for most systems

Lab Practical I: Fetal Pig Dissection

Web Link:  Virtual Pig Dissection

Web Link:  Fetal Pig Dissection 2

Web Link: Histology Learning System Way more information than you need for this course but useful for lab review of almost any slide you are likely to look at in 2404 lab. Features thumbnails to find what you want and zoomable slides and you can turn labels on or off for practice.

Web Link:  Graph Paper

Web Link: Create a Graph Simple website to make uncomplicated graphs when required for lab reports.

Web Link: Bartleby - Anatomy of the Human Body searchable site based on Gray's Anatomy (the book, not the TV show) for any human organ or structure with illustrations and more information than you would ever need

Exam II: Membranes - Muscular System

 Lecture Notes


Lecture Outline for
Exam II

Practice questions forExam II

 Membranes & Skin    
 Skeletal System  Organs of the Skeletal System
Bone Markings
Skeletal Articulations
 Muscular System    Comparison of 3 Muscle Tissues

Lab Practical II: Membranes - Muscular System

Web Link: Histology Help Page good review of major tissue types with labeled photographs at several magnifications

Web Link: Human Anatomy - Skeletal System another good site on the anatomy of the skeletal system

Lab Guides: Muscle ID's:

PIN Lab Muscle Models

RVS Lab Muscle Models

Web Link:  Human Muscle Tutorial

Exam III: Nervous System - Senses

 Lecture Notes


Lecture Outline
for exam III

Practice Questions for Exam III

Nervous System  Structure of the PNS
Somatic vs Autonomic Neurons
  The Senses  

Lab Practical III: Nervous System - Senses

Web Link: Sheep Brain Dissection

Web Link:  Sheep Brain Tutorial

Web Link: The Nervous System an extensive discussion with numerous illustrations of the anatomy and physiology of the nervous system

Exam IV: Endocrine System - Immunity

 Lecture Notes


Lecture Outline
For Exam IV

Practice Questions for Exam IV

 Endocrine System  Major Endocrine Glands
 Circulatory System  

 Human Blood Vessels
Major Human Arteries and Veins

 Blood and Hematology  
 Lymphatic System  
 Body Defenses & Immunity  Body Defenses Summary

Lab Practical IV: Endocrine System - Immunity

weblink: Anatomy of the Heart

weblink: The Circulatory System

weblink: The Lymphatic System. A clickable survey and descriptions of the major parts of the hyman lymphatic system

Exam V: Respiratory System - Human Development

 Lecture Notes


Lecture Outline for
Exam V

Practice Questions for Exam V

Respiratory System  
 Digestive System  Digestive Physiology Summary
 Nutrition & Metabolism-Overview

Food & Nutrition
Vitamins & Minerals
Body Energy Budget
Metabolic Pathways

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
Summary of Cell Metabolism

Urinary System   
 Reproductive System     Female Reproductive Cycles
 Human Development  Human Development Summary

Lab Practical V: Respiratory System - Human Development 

weblink: The Respiratory System

Weblink: The Digestive System. A summary of the major functions of the digestive system with illustrations of selected organs and structures.

Weblink: The Urinary System.

Weblink: The Reproductive System.

Weblink:  The Reproductive System 2.

Weblink: Human Development. A visual tour through all major stages of human development from egg to birth.