The Aquatic Invertebrates of Texas






Listronotus sp.

syn: Hyperodes sp.


Species reported
          from Texas:



Listronotus alternatus

Listronotus borrichiae

Listronotus dietzi

Listronotus filiformis

Listronotus frontalis

Listronotus gryphidioides

Listronotus logingi

Listronotus lutulentus

Listronotus nebulosus

Listronotus obscurellus

Listronotus porcellus

Listronotus rotundicollis

Listronotus salicorniae

Listronotus scapularis

Listronotus sorditus

Listronotus sparsus

Listronotus turbatus

Listronotus wallacei

Distribution Citations*

1993 Green
1996 Jasper





notes: *refs are for reports of genus only; species refs not included here; [ ] indicate state record, no specific county or locality indicated
copyright:   Stephen W. Ziser 

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