Student Government Assistant

Work Study Job Type: 
Student Life
Duties and Tasks: 

This person provide support to all SGA programming both on-site and off-site during the academic year.

  • Utilize MySL to submit programming and evaluations
  • Constantly and consistently promote all SGA events
  • Develop promotional flyers
  • Assist with preparation/promotion of SGA programming with phone calls, emails, public speaking, and surveys
  • Assist in the planning and ongoing needs of SGA
  • Research trends in Student Government
  • Compile and tabulate evaluations upon completion of various programming
  • Obtain venues and necessary equipment for upcoming seasons
  • Attend regular meetings and trainings as appointed by Student Life Coordinator or Assistant
  • Maintain frequent communication with Advisor & the campus team
  • Recruit students for SGA participation, classroom presentations, and committee placements
  • Recruit and work with student volunteers on various projects
  • Establish relationships with students, faculty and staff
  • Perform additional clerical duties
  • Other duties as assigned
Required Skills: 
  • Must qualify for work-study during semester of employment
  • Must complete Student Leader application form on MySL, submit resume and interview with the respective campus Student Life Assistant and Student Life Coordinator for the position
  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Be able to travel to various ACC campuses when needed
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Web browsers
  • Have excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Able to work an established work schedule
  • The ability to work independently given departmental policies and guidelines
  • An interest in and respect for the unique diverse multicultural environment
  • Demonstrate creativity and positive attitude
  • Must attend all Summer Student Leader Training and subsequent workshops
  • Must attend all required SAAB workshops as set forth by the SAAB Process holder
  • Attend Nuts and Bolts
Additional Requirements: 


Campus Specific Requirements: