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WSII Course Options

Option 1

DEVW 0320 - Writing Skills II

This option takes place in a traditional classroom setting.

Option 2

Skills I Academic Triangle

This option pairs the following three courses.

• DEVW 0320 - Writing Skills II

• DEVR 0310 - Reading Skills Improvement

• DSSK 0320 - College Study Skills

Option 3

Early Exit

This option is for students who receive a score of 18 or better on their Departmental Essay AND have a Writing Skills II course grade of 85 or higher have the opportunity to become TSI complete in writing. The campus Developmental Writing Advisor (DWA) must verify the essay score. The DWA will complete a schedule change form with the student's name, ID#, phone number, WSII course grade, and course information for WSII and the WSIII-Restricted Access course. The DWA will submit the completed form to Admissions and the pink copy to the Department Chair. The WSII instructor will not submit a grade for the student.

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