MSTA Application Process in eStaffing

Adjunct faculty members can now apply for Multiple Semester Term Appointment (MSTA) positions through the eStaffing system. Alternatively, you can choose to decline. You will be notified of the time period during which you can apply. If you neither apply nor decline, you will receive email reminders until the application period ends.

If you have questions about MSTA positions, eligibility requirements, or selection criteria, you should discuss these with your Department Chair. It is recommended that you first familiarize yourself with the MSTA Guidelines, the MSTA FY09 Calendar, and the corresponding Administrative Rule. You will see links to this important information under the MSTA Application tab in eStaffing. 

Instructions for Applying for a Position

To apply for (or decline) an MSTA position, follow these steps to log in and access the MSTA tab:

1. Open your Web browser and go to this address:

2. Log in using your email username and email password. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email username and click Send My Password. Your password will be sent to your ACC email address. For help with your username and password, contact the Help Desk.

3. After logging in, you will see the yellow tab bar across the top of your screen. Click the tab called MSTA Application.

4. Click the department for which you are eligible to apply for an MSTA position. If you are eligible in more than one department, you must complete this process for each department.

5. Next, for faculty who have had an MSTA appointment, click the appropriate radio button to apply for an MSTA position or to decline. Then click the Submit Application button.

Note: faculty who taught a full load in or before spring of 1999 will have an MSTA Exception button. All others will have a plain MSTA button.

New MSTA applicants will see the screen below. Click the appropriate radio button to apply for an MSTA position or to decline. Briefly describe your background and ACC experience, and then click the Submit Application button.

After you submit your application or decline, you will see a confirmation screen indicating your choice.