MSTA Selection Process in eStaffing
for Assistant Department Chairs

MSTA Committee Chairs can indicate their selections for MSTA positions from the Appointments tab in eStaffing. All selections made by Committee Chairs must be approved by the Dean.

Making MSTA Selections

To indicate your MSTA selections, follow these steps:

1. Log in to eStaffing, select the Executive Menu, and then click the Appointments tab on the yellow menu bar.

2. Click the discipline in which you will be working.

3. Make your selections from the list of faculty members. The sample screen is explained in detail below. 


  • Use the Show Comments link at the top to display the essays of MSTA applicants.
  • Use the MSTA Applications Only link to hide pending applications. (You will see only those faculty members who have applied for an MSTA position or declined.)


  • The Limits bar (top left) displays the number of MSTA positions available.
  • The Selections bar (to the right of Limits) indicates the number of MSTA positions selected and saved.

Requested Levels

The Requested Levels column shows the applicants' choices.

  • MSTA or MSTA Exception appears for applicants who are applying for a position.
  • Pending indicates that the faculty member has neither accepted nor declined a position.
  • Declined indicates that the faculty member has chosen not to apply for an MSTA position.

Current MSTAs vs. New Applicants

  • Current MSTAs are marked as Incumbent in the qualifications column.
  • New applicants will have a View Details link. Click this link to see the applicant's short essay. 

Making Selections

Click the appropriate radio button next to each name. Select none if you are not awarding a position.

4. Save your selections at any time by clicking the Save button above the list of names. When you have made your final selections, let the Department Chair know so that selections can be submitted to the Dean for approval. 

Using Reports

At any time, you can click the Reports tab to view current data. The report called MSTA Eligible Applicants is a summary screen of applicant names and requested positions in each discipline. Use the Hide Pending link to change views.

MSTA Instructions for Adjunct Faculty