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Anna Keah, Adjunct Professor English

spacerHi! My name is Anna Georgantonis-Keah, and I’m here to Anna Keahintroduce you to the wonderful world of writing and literature! I have been teaching at Austin Community College for 16 years, and English is my passion!

There are a number of reasons for studying one’s language. Communication—both in the written word and the spoken word—depends on one’s ability to use his/her language effectively, and communication is vital to every aspect of our lives. After all, as creatures of the planet, we humans alone share the beauty and intrigue of a complex language, save the dolphins! It is what makes us unique. It is the true sign of an educated person, whether self-taught or formally-schooled.
Good communication skills allow us to connect with others in a family setting, at the workplace, in our personal relationships, with strangers on the street, and with others especially in the classroom. For that reason, doing well in English courses is a transferable skill, which you will carry to other classes.
Quality of life improves with a broadened vocabulary and better writing skills. We can pinpoint the many thoughts that race through our minds, as well as identify and examine emotions and feelings we are having. We can better understand our fellow humans and create close bonds of understanding. After all, we all share the human condition and describing it is one of our favorite pastimes. As social creatures, we want to shine in a social setting, and we use language to do so.
In conclusion, doing well in your English courses will improve your communication skills with others, boost your confidence level and promote success in other courses; most importantly, it will help you on the road to better self-understanding!

Let’s Have a Great Semester!

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