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University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix

10801-2 N. Mopac, Ste. 300
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 344-1400

Contact for Transfer Students:

  • Main University of Phoenix number: 1-800-228-7240
  • Online: 1-800-366-9699
  • Contact for Transfer Students: Rachel Kunz, Enrollment Advisor
  • Phone: (512) 344-1823
  • University of Phoenix online campus website
  • •University of Phoenix Austin campus website

Articulation Agreement: 

Yes. All programs will be considered for transfer.

Transfer Guides are available for:

  • Criminal Justice Administration
  • General Course Transfer
  • Health Administration-Emergency Management
  • General Studies to Management
  • Law Enforcement to Management
  • Nursing

The associate degree may be recognized as an emphasis on the baccalaureate transfer and diploma. Additional information

Transfer Admission and Degree Information:

  • Physical Campuses located in 24 states, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, Holland, and Online.
  • Students within 12 months of completion at Austin Community College are able to make pre-application (no fees), and receive ability to access the 24/7 digital library and proficiencies site.
  • Maximum transfer semester credit hours: 72 for the BSM program (Students may use upper division credits as waiver in some instances for additional credits used – must take a minimum of 27 semester credit hours in this program at University of Phoenix.)
  • Lower Division transfer credit may include military experience, professional training, CLEP or DANTES testing, or experiential essays (portfolio submission).
  • All college level courses (not remedial or developmental) with a grade of “C” or better are accepted.
  • Minimum GPA: 2.0
  • All associate degrees (AA, AS, AAS) are accepted as “blocks” meaning that all credits earned in a degree are automatically transferred. (See Program Transfer Guides for an example of how degree transfers.)
  • Students are able to fulfill all requirements and coursework of their degree at University of Phoenix entirely through our Online campus (never have to physically attend), which offers the same curriculum as our physical campuses.
  • Access to our digital library 24/7, and the proficiency sites while completing Associate Degree requirements (must be within 12 months of completion, and recommendation by your ACC Academic Counselor) at Austin Community College includes ability to use the writing labs (with a vast array of tutorials Online for Math, English, and Critical Thinking) and APA style guides.
  • Admissions Requirements – Working Adults
     o Must be 23 years of age (or meet minimum requirements).
     o Must either be employed or have access to an organizational environment that will allow completion of program coursework.
     o Must be a high school graduate or have a GED.
     o must have conferral of an associate degree – for the BSM program only.

Tuition & Application Information:

  • Cost calculator
  • Students are responsible for book fees (may order books either from MBS books, our internal resource (books in online format), or any other source which offers the required books.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Information:

  • Information for Scholarships available through our website.
  • Student loan information may also be accessed on website.

Academic Schedule:

  • Classes available to begin twice each month - ongoing registration.
  • Undergraduate courses are 5 weeks in length, taken consecutively one at a time.
  • Students may register and begin class while paperwork is processed.

Accreditation Information:

University of Phoenix is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. For additional information, visit
Note: The information shown here is subject to change. Students are strongly encouraged to verify information with the institution to which they intend to transfer.

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