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Value of an Associate Degree

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Why your associate degree matters.

Earning an associate degree is an important milestone in achieving academic, professional, and personal success. There are many benefits to earning an associate degree even if you intend to transfer. 

  • Associate degrees are in demand with more jobs expected to require two-year degrees than any other credential.
  • The associate degree is a marketable credential for your resume and an important milestone in your education.
  • Employers value the associate degree as evidence of your commitment to expanding your knowledge and achieving your educational goals.
  • An associate degree can help you land a better job while completing your bachelor's degree.
  • Statistics shows that students seeking four-year degrees who earn an associate degree before transferring are more likely to finish their bachelor’s.
  • Completing an associate degree can make your transfer application more competitive.

ACC faculty, staff, and advisors are here to help you finish your degree by providing guidance, help selecting classes and understanding the graduation process, and other paths to earning an associate degree, like reverse transfer.

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