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Remember My Name Speech Assignment

Possible points: 30


Prepare a speech introducing yourself to your classmates and explaining your name to them.

You might explain how you got your name, funny stories related to people becoming confused about your name, or how common or unique your name is.

Include additional details about yourself as you wish, including hometown, course of study, family, interests, and others.


Speech must be approximately 2 minutes long.

You may use 1 index card (3 in x 5 in).

While professional attire is not expected, please put some attention into your appearance, especially if your presentation may be enhanced by topic-appropriate accessories. Absolutely no hats, chewing gum, or other distracting items unless directly related to your speech, and please give me notice as such.

Speaking order

Order will be announced by the instructor during class.

Audience expectations

In the event you arrive to class late, DO NOT enter the room until I or another student opens the door for you. Another student may be speaking, and your arrival will disturb that performance.

If you are speaking later in the class session, please set your note cards aside. Pay your fellow students the same respect you would ask of them.

Grades will be returned within one week. Please do not request your grade or evaluation before then. You may check our Blackboard course site to check your grade.

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