A Basis For Planning
The Strategic Plan of Austin Community College supports the mission statement and the college-wide goals and initiatives promoting student success. Administrative units will map unit goals and outcomes to support Board Policy A-1 Intended outcomes.
Intended Outcomes
  1. Increase Persistence (Term to Term & Fall to Fall)
  2. Complete Developmental and Adult Education course progression to credit courses.
  3. Increase Completion of All Attempted Courses with a “C” or Better.
  4. Increase Degree/Certificate Graduates and Transfer Rates.
  5. Increase success equity across all racial/ethnic/gender/income groups.

Institutional Effectiveness Measures
  1. Balanced instructional offerings among the College’s mission elements.
  2. A teaching and learning environment that encourages students to be active, life-long learners.
  3. Accessible and affordable post-secondary and higher education programs and services for all who qualify and have the ability to benefit.
  4. Enrollments reflecting diverse and traditionally underserved populations in numbers that represent the local populations of our Service Area.
  5. Job placement from career workforce programs into family-wage careers.
  6. Efficiently administered programs and services that create an institution that is a good place to work, learn, and otherwise experience the higher-education process.

Please direct questions concerning Strategic or Administrative Support Planning to Daniel Ohanlon in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability at (512) 223-7585.