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Foster Care Student Program

Students with RB
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The Foster Care Student Program connects you with ACC representatives, called campus champions, who provide one-on-one mentoring and address the legal, medical, housing, and financial challenges you face as a college student and foster care program graduate.

Jump Start orientation

ACC holds a one-day orientation each summer especially for Foster Care Alumni participants.

Tuition & fee exemption

As a Texas foster care alumni, you are eligible to attend college free through a state tuition and fee exemption.

Get Started Now

If you have been in the Texas foster care system, we invite you to get started in our ACC FCA program by becoming more informed.

Contact a campus champion

There's a campus champion ready to assist you. Find your campus champion.

Questions & Answers

Can I get free tuition if I was a ward of another state?

No. You are not eligible for the Texas college tuition and fee exemption if you were in the conservatorship of another state.

What if I was adopted?

If you were adopted from foster care or were eligible for adoption at age 14 or older, you may also be eligible for the exemption.

I need a job and emergency housing assistance

You may be eligible for services through the After Care Transitional Services Program. Contact LifeWorks at (512) 735.2425 or (800) 414.5457 to speak to an intake specialist. You may also contact Scott O'Brien with LifeWorks at (512) 653.0769 for assistance.

Can I take classes without assessment and testing?

ACC offers noncredit classes through the Continuing Education Division, which doesn't require the enrollment process. To qualify for the exemption, the class must be at least 48 contact hours (4.8 CEUs or higher). When looking at the course schedule, the course number must start with a 1 or a 2. Contact your Campus Champion for clarification or more information.

Foster Care Resources

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