Short Semester Spring 2019

Short Semester Spring 2019

Short Semester, Fast Credits

There’s still time to earn the transferable credits you need this spring. Sign up for a 12-week or 8-week short semester class.


Short semester classes allow you to learn more in less time.


Take online or in-person classes in a variety of subjects.


Spend 80% less on classes than other area colleges and universities.

Degrees and Classes

Find degree plans and classes for transfer or career preparation.

Find Classes

See which classes are available for the sessions below.

12-Week Course Schedule

Classes begin February 18

2nd 8-Week Course Schedule

Classes begin March 25


Get information about short semester classes that fulfill general studies and/or degree program requirements.

Find an Academic Advisor by Area of Study, Campus, Region, or call advising at 512-223-4636

For help with admissions, contact the College Destination Center at 512-223-7747