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2. Finding History Resources on the Internet
with Subject Directories

Following is a sampling of subject directories on the Internet. Subject directories are lists or indices of selected on-line history materials. Several include reviews and ratings. Most are subdivided into various topics. Some directories link to individual documents, others to other directories. For each of the subject directories below, I have provided an example of a site. Spend some time with these lists. Browse through them and check out some links and documents of interest. Subject directories can be particularly helpful if you have not yet decided on a topic for your research project. You may find interesting sources about a person, event, or movement.

If possible, take the time to browse through each directory before going on to the next. Also, you may find it useful to print out some of the directories. Suggestion: "Bookmark" those sites of particular interest to make it easier to locate them later.

Commercial Subject Directories

Subject Directories Produced/Provided by Non-profit Institutions (mainly universities)

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For additional information/evaluation concerning using subject directories for research on the Internet, read "Searching the Internet, Part II: Subject Catalogs, Annotated Directories, and Subject Guides." by Jack Solock, a librarian with the InterNIC project at the University of Wisconsin.

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