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8. Finding Hard-copy Historical Sources
in On-line Library Catalogs

I suggest that you use a subject directory or search engine to discover which libraries near you (or at a location to which you plan to travel) have on-line catalogs. Then make "bookmarks" for each of them. Once you find a book or other resource that you need, you can go to the library, check the material out or use it on-premises. What follows is a list of on-line library catalogs in the area where the students at Austin Community College live.

On-line Library Catalogs in the Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area

America's National Library

By this I mean the Library of Congress. Its catalog is accessible on-line. Almost all titles that exist about a subject are in the LC. If you find a title in the LC catalog, chances are good that your college, university, or local public library can get it for you through Inter-Library Loan (unless it is a rare book). The book will probably come to you from some library other than the LC.

The LC catalog is easy to use. One can do a Basic Search, an Advanced Search, a Number Search, or a Browse Search. These searches are explained at the site.

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