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INEW2338 Advanced Java Programming

Spring 2014

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Revised 11/05/13

The Main Web Page for this course is located at:

This document contains a brief description of the course along with links to various online documents that provide additional information:

Brief Course Description

Textbook: See the syllabus.

Topics: See the syllabus.

Schedule: See the syllabus.

Overall requirements: See the syllabus. Also note that the student is required to successfully complete eight programming assignments, and to successfully complete two written examinations.


Every student is required to complete an online orientation at the beginning of the semester. To participate in online orientation, click on the Orientation Instructions link above

Online Study Guides

There is an online study guide (practice test) for each textbook chapter that is included in the course.  The study guides consist of a series of questions with answers and explanations plus links to additional online materials that help to explain the material covered by the chapter.

There are also online tutorials for image processing.

Click the following links to view the study guides and the image processing tutorials.

Classroom Lectures

This course is designed to be delivered either online, in the classroom, or through a combination of the two.

After a brief introduction to the material early in the semester, classroom lectures will consist mainly of discussions of previously submitted programming assignments plus discussions of concepts in the same topic areas but which are somewhat more advanced than the programming assignments.

Programming Assignments

General description and resource requirements

There are eight programming assignments to be completed during the semester.  Each programming assignment requires the writing of one program.  This, in turn, requires Distance Learning and VCT students to download and install (or otherwise gain access to) Sun's Java Standard Edition Software Development Kit. Some of the assignments also require the student to use Ericson's media library. (See the online syllabus for version requirements for both the Java JDK and Ericson's library.)

Submittal schedule: See the syllabus. Also please be aware that no credit will be given for assignments that are received after the submittal deadlines.

Specific information regarding programming assignments

Click on the following links to obtain general information about all of the programming assignments as well as specific information about each of the programming assignments.  (The chapter numbers in the following links refer to the corresponding chapters in the textbook.)

You should study the study guides and online tutorials listed earlier in this document before attempting to write the programs required by the corresponding programming assignments.


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