Short Semester Fall 2018

Short Semester Fall 2018

Short Semester, Fast Credits

There’s still time to earn the transferable credits you need this fall. Sign up for a 12-week or 8-week short semester class.


Short semester classes allow you to learn more in less time.


Take online or in-person classes in a variety of subjects.


Spend 80% less on classes than other area colleges and universities.

Degrees & Classes

Find degree plans and classes for transfer or career preparation.

Find Classes

See which classes are available for the sessions below.
12-Week Course Schedule Classes begin September 24
2nd 8-Week Course Schedule Classes begin October 22


Get information about short semester classes that fulfill general studies and/or degree program requirements.

Find an Academic Advisor by Area of Study, Campus, Region, or call advising at 512-223-4636

For help with admissions, contact the College Destination Center at 512-223-7747