Interactive Exhibits

Here are some of our interactive (hands-on) exhibits. We're adding new ones all the time, and we'll post those as soon as we can!

Air Cannon

Be the Battery

Beat the Light

Big Head

Broken Pencil

Can We Lift It?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Center of Gravity

Chase the Can

Colorful 3D

Colorful Shadows

Creepy Face

Density Layers

Ear Guitar

Eddy Rings

Euler Disk

Fiber Optic Light

Grip Stick

Groaning Tubes

Gyro Rings

Hand Crank Generator

Handy Pressure

Hero's Fountain

Hey There!

Holospex Glasses


Ketchup Diver

Lenz's Law Tube

Lightning Disk

Liquid Magnet

Look into Infinity

Magdeburg Cups