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Men of Color Program at ACC

Mission: The Men of Color (MOC) program is designed to provide institutional support and encourage success for men of color by providing a network of resources that focuses on recruitment, retention, and graduation at Austin Community College (ACC).

The MOC program will provide consistent individualized academic support to increase student success for all participants. Often students who are not engaged or encouraged to achieve high academic success early in their college career will be at a greater disadvantage to meet their educational goals. Additional support will be provided from a network of Faculty and Staff from the institution, which will positively impact the learning experience of our students.


  • Personal Tutoring (Math, English)
  • Develop and attend workshops (Money/Time Management, Financial Aid, Career Exploration)
  • Attend leadership conferences (Local and State)
  • Attend and develop extracurricular events and activities (intramural sports, community service)
  • Apply for Men of Color Scholarship (sponsored by Enrollment Management)
  • Possible job opportunities as a tutor or hourly employee at ACC
  • Attend Connected Roundtable mentoring lunch sessions
  • Men of Color Advisory Committee provides connections at each campus for direct support and resources
  • Enroll in Transition-to-College courses designed for Men of Color students (SDEV)

The Connected Roundtable meetings are designed to provide a platform for students and mentors to engage in and discuss various topics of interests to ensure student success.  Join us at an upcoming Connected Roundtable meeting.

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