Frequently Asked Questions       

What is a webmaster?

There is no standard definition of "webmaster". Different organizations may describe it as any of the following:

  • System Administrator– the person who runs the web server, installs and configures the web server software, manages usage and security, and installs other applications.
  • Application Programmer– the person who writes programs in JavaScript, PHP, Java, or ASP, that enable interaction and data processing.
  • Information Architect – the person who conceptualizes the overall logic and design of the site.
  • Graphic/Interactive Designer– the person who designs the web pages, creates the graphics, and developes interactive media.

The Webmaster Certificate Program at Austin Community College provides courses in each of these areas. The program offers two specialization tracks: System and Application Programming, and Design and Media.

How much does the Program cost, and how long does it take?

The ACC Webmaster Certificate program consists of 9 required seminars (in either specialization track) plus 3 required elective seminars for a total of 160 to 200 hours (total in-classroom hours). Some classes are 12 hours long but some are also 24 hours long. The costs are far less than what you would pay for similar high quality courses in the private sector. There is no initial program registration fee; you pay separately for each class you take. Limited financial aid may be available for the courses in this program. See the current schedule for upcoming webmaster classes for details.

Most students take about a year to complete the program. However, it may take longer if certain courses are already filled when you attempt to register. The courses in the ACC Webmaster Program are held during days, in the evenings and on weekends.

All of the ACC Webmaster courses are offered several times per year — in most cases at least once every fall, spring, and summer semester.

What are Specialization tracks?

Because "webmaster" refers to such a diverse set of skills, the ACC Webmaster Certificate Program defines two specialization tracks. When you register for the Webmaster Certificate Program at ACC, you'll choose one of these specializations:

  • System and Application Programming – Specialize in programming: JavaScript, PHP, Java, and ASP.
  • Design and Media – Specialize in creating aesthetic web pages, and designing the user experience.
Are any of the classes offered online?
Yes. Many classes are offered online throughout the year, and can be completed withoutever having to visit an ACC campus. Online courses cover the same curriculum as the classroom version of the course. Online courses must be completed within a published timeframe (usually 3–6 weeks). Specific participation requirements may vary by class. Begin an online course by contacting the instructor on the first day of the class. See to learn more.
How are courses taught?
Courses in the Webmaster Certificate Program are taught in Internet-connected computer labs. You'll get hands-on experience writing HTML code, programming in JavaScript, and creating graphics during class time. Most courses are also offered online.
Can I get a discount on software?

Yes. It varies by company, but Adobe and Microsoft offer significant student discounts. Order from the company's website, or any educational reseller (go to, select ACC). Proof of enrollment might be required.

You can also get a free 30-day trial of any Adobe product from These trials are fully functional, and can be used during online classes, or for homework during a classroom course.

I took [class X] at [school X]. Can that credit count?
Courses completed at another institution can count toward your Webmaster class requirements if the curriculum is a close match to ours (please email the syllabus of the class you took, along with proof of completion to
What if I have more questions?
You can call the Webmaster Program Coordinator at (512) 223-7588 or email with any questions about the program.