Welcome to the Office of Institutional Research & Analytics data request page. OIRA is here to assist ACC employees with their data needs. We have many resources readily available in the Data & Reports section of the OIRA website , including TIPS (The Information Portal System) . If you can't find what you need and you are an ACC employee, please review the information below and complete the data request form.

If you are seeking data from Austin Community College, and you are not an employee of the college, you must submit your request through the Open Records Request process. Information on the Open Records Request process is available at the following webpage: Open Records Request webpage for ACC.

If you are unable to find the data you need, please complete this service request form.

Please note:
  • Requests are prioritized on the basis of how critical requests are to the success of the college's mission.
  • If we cannot obtain a clear description of the data or analyses requested, your request will be given lower priority.
  • If OIRA staff are unable to contact you or obtain a reply to questions regarding the data being requested, your request will be cancelled, and you will need to resubmit your service request.
  • The timeframe for receiving your data may be extended if the request has multiple parts and/or is complicated, or if you are asked to submit multiple requests.
Other problems with the request may result in the request being delayed or cancelled. Typical problems that prevent us from completing a request include: we do not have access to the data or database required to do the analysis; data must be requested from organizations outside ACC; data needed for the analysis has not been collected or does not exist in current databases. In some cases, we will request your help in obtaining the data (e.g., the list of students who participated in an event).

In accordance with FERPA, researchers need to be extremely cautious about releasing data that could lead to the identification of individual students, particularly when related to financial or performance data. Per ACC/OIRA guidelines, data produced from OIRA intended for presentations or any other public release should have small cell sizes (N < 5) suppressed.

Please complete the following form accurately and with as much detail as possible. If you have any questions about this form or the process, please email us at OIRAinfo@austincc.edu .

Thank you!
OIRA Staff