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Physics Lab Equipment

Equipment is campus-specific - equipment that is available may not be available at another campus. When in doubt, please check with the lab tech on the campus where you are teaching.

Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment - CYP

Lab Equipment - HLC

Lab Equipment - NRG

Inventory for Room 2228 & 2229 - Will download as an Excel file. Links to pictures are broken - coming soon.

Lab Equipment - RGC

Lab Equipment - RRC

Lab Techs

If you have any questions about the lab equipment, contact the lab tech at that campus.

Qurrat Thakur
Phone: 512.223.2981
Email: qthakur@austincc.edu
Website: http://www.austincc.edu/physcyp/

Henry Henze
Phone: (512) 223.3302
Email: hhenze@austincc.edu

Richard Mauldin
Phone: (512) 223.3302
Email: rmau@austincc.edu

Karl Trappe
Phone: (512) 223.4822
Email: ktrappe@austincc.edu

Larry Wigginton
Phone: (512) 223.0205
Email: lwiggint@austincc.edu

Eric Ebner
Phone: (512) 223.6060
Email: eebner@austincc.edu