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Physics Lab Equipment

Equipment is campus-specific - equipment that is available may not be available at another campus. When in doubt, please check with the lab tech on the campus where you are teaching.

Qurrat Thakur
Phone: 512.223.2981
Email: qthakur@austincc.edu
Website: http://www.austincc.edu/physcyp/

Karl Trappe
Phone: (512) 223.4822
Email: ktrappe@austincc.edu

Henry Henze
Phone: (512) 223.3302
Email: hhenze@austincc.edu


Larry Wigginton
Phone: (512) 223.0205
Email: lwiggint@austincc.edu


Richard Mauldin
Phone: (512) 223.3302
Email: rmau@austincc.edu

Eric Ebner
Phone: (512) 223.6060
Email: eebner@austincc.edu


Lab Equipment

Lab Equipment - CYP

Lab Equipment - HLC

Lab Equipment - NRG
  Inventory for Room 2228 & 2229 - Will download as an Excel file. Links to pictures are broken - coming soon.

Lab Equipment - RGC

Lab Equipment - RRC
  Inventory: 2014-05-20- Excel
  Inventory: 2014-05-20-PDF