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Professional Development

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ACC Faculty Professional Development

Annual Requirements

Safety training is required for all faculty and staff.

Full time faculty and full-time lab staff are required to have 12 (clock) hours of professional development training each year.

Adjunct faculty are required to have 4 (clock) hours of professional development training each year.

The hours must be completed between September 1 and August 31 of each year. All hours for the previous academic year must be recorded by September 15.

Informal credit can be given for whatever a faculty member and the department head agree on that aids teaching improvement or aids in keeping a faculty member current in his or her teaching field. For informal credit, the Professional Development Activity Form must be filled out and sent to Jim Heath for his approval.

Biannual Requirements

All employees are required to have ADA and Sexual Harassment training every two years. Register and participate in the training online through ACC Workshop & Event Registration.


ACC Professional Development Information


General Interest - Professional Development Opportunities


Contact June Mullin or Paul Williams if you are interested in volunteering for an ACCHaoS event.

ACCHaoS Dates for 2016-2017

Professional Development Forms


Ongoing Workshops and Training

Vernier Online Training Webinars

Free, one-hour training online. Visit http://www.vernier.com/training/webinars/?utm_campaign for information on topics and dates/times.