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Selected Primary Source Collections in UT-Austin Libraries Having to Do with United States History I (1301) and Suggestions for Finding Additional Primary Sources in those Libraries

Compiled by Roger Griffin, Ph.D.

Professor of History Emeritus

Austin Community College

Austin, Texas

(Note: PCL refers to the Perry-CastaƱeda Library at the corner of Speedway and 21st Street. It is UT-Austin's main library. The Undergraduate Library is just west of the Tower Building. The Humanities Research Center is at the Corner of 21st and Guadalupe. The Law Library is on the south side of 24th St. between San Jacinto and the East Campus Drive. The Center for American History is in Sid Richardson Hall on Red River Street, next to the LBJ Library. All UT libraries are open to the public. Checkout privileges are limited. See your instructor for details.)

1. Introduction

2. Specialized Collections of Documents Having to Do with Much or All of U.S. History

3. The Colonial Era

4. The American Revolution and the Era of the Confederation

5. United States History, 1789-1861

6. Civil War and Reconstruction

7. Some Specific Topics Having to Do with the First Half of United States History

a. Slavery

b. Abolition Movement

c. African Americans

d. Hispanic Americans

e. Native Americans

f. Jewish Americans

g. Women's Issues

8. Presidential Papers


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