Proper Disposal of Waste

It is imperative that all waste is put in the proper container for disposal.  Waste that is improperlydisposed of can create serious health and safety problems.  Learn where and how to properly dispose of your waste, and always be careful to do so!

What goes in the   biohazard bag?


Contaminated Paper

Inoculated Plates


Swabs          Pipets



What goes in   the baskets?

Contaminated culture tubes should be placed open-end outward (see picture) in the test tube baskets.

What would happen if the tubes were placed with the caps toward the bottom of the basket?


What goes in the   Pipet Keeper?

You guessed it! Pipets go in the Pipet Keeper. What you might not have guessed is that swabs also go in the Pipet Keeper.


What goes in the   broken glass box?

Broken and/or contaminated glass goes in this box. 

ALL CONTAMINATED GLASS goes in this box once you are ready to dispose of it, regardless of whether or not it is broken. All student-prepared slides should go in this box when you are ready to dispose of them. NO PREPARED SLIDES (i.e., from Carolina, Wards, or Triarch) GO IN THIS BOX!!!!!