Lab Introduction and Safety

Proper safety techniques are important in any laboratory setting, but they are imperative in microbiology.  In micro, improper lab technique could cause you or one of your classmates to become ill.  When handled properly, the organisms we use in our microbiology class should not pose a risk; when handled improperly, the organisms find ways to do what they do best: make you ill.

The chemicals and equipment we use in the lab, such as the Bunsen burner, must also be handled properly and with respect. Accidents can and do happen, but when we all use proper laboratory technique and follow our safety rules, the impact of such accidents is greatly lessened.

On the first day of class, you received a handout outlining the laboratory rules.  Learn this handout well; it will serve you greatly during the semester.

You should also be familiar with the Biology department safety policy and with the safety equipment in the lab room.

Another VERY IMPORTANT safety procedure that is all too often ignored is the proper disposal of all waste.