Teacher Prep Institute

Prepare Now to Teach Our Future Generations

As Texas’ student population rapidly grows, there is an urgency to attract and prepare the next generation of public schoolteachers who are committed to equity and are equipped with the skills to address the unique and diverse needs of all students.

ACC’s Teacher Prep Institute gives you a clear, predefined path that gets you started on an Associate of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood – Grade 6. This university transfer degree provides you with the first two years of a four-year degree leading to teacher certification.

Why the Institute?

“The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth.” (Dan Rather)

The Teacher Prep Institute provides an opportunity to progress through your teaching degree with a supportive group of future educators. With a specialized focus on teacher preparation, you will participate in classroom observations and service learning opportunities. The field experience and service learning are designed to deepen your understanding of the urgency to be an effective educator for a diverse society.

The Teacher Prep Institute offers students:

  • A clear sequence of courses that align with area university teacher preparation programs.
  • Connection to job opportunities within the Austin area.
  • Meaningful monitoring of progress through intensive advising.
  • Preparation of high-quality students for the teaching profession.
  • An opportunity to be mentored by experienced public school teachers and ACC faculty.
  • Classroom experiences that solidify their commitment to the teaching profession early in the teacher preparation training program.

Classes held at South Austin Campus

The fall 2018 Teacher Prep Institute will meet for classes at the South Austin Campus and online. Institute courses will be completed in the sequence below.

Fall Semester EDUC 1100 Effective Learning: Strategies for College Success (online)
  MATH 1314
College Algebra (for students not eligible for MATH 1314, ACC will offer a co-required Math option.)
  ENGL 1301 English Composition I
  SPCH 1311
Introduction to Speech Communication
  ARTS 1301 Introduction to Visual Arts
 Spring Semester BIOL 1408 Diversity of Life
  MATH 1350 Mathematics for Middle Grade Teacher Certification I
  ENGL 1302 English Composition II
  EDUC 1301
Introduction to the Teaching Profession
Summer Semester MATH 1351 Mathematics for Middle Grade Teacher Certification II
  PHYS 1405
Conceptual Physics I
 Fall Semester GOVT 2305 United States Government
  PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy
  EDUC 2301
Introduction to Special Populations
  PHYS 1407
Conceptual Physics II
  HIST 1301 United States History I
Spring Semester GOVT 2306
Texas State and Local Government
  ENGL 2323
British Literature II
  GEOG 1301
World and Regional Geography
  HIST 1302
United States History II
  ARTS 1301 (If not taken during the first semester)

Teacher Prep Institute Requirements

  • Maintain 2.75 overall grade point average.
  • Pass criminal history background checks by independent school district.
  • Comply with ACC course attendance policies.
  • Maintain a minimum of a C in all ACC courses. 

Enrollment Steps

Complete the following steps to enroll in the Teacher Prep Institute. Note: Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to an ACC institute.

  1. Complete the ACC Application.
  2. Complete the online Teacher Prep Institute Interest Form.
  3. Receive notification of your acceptance.
  4. Register for classes with institute assistance
  5. Meet with your advisor at least once a month to review progress.