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Graduation, Retention & Transfer Rates

Title I of the Act, known as the “Student Right-to-Know Act,” requires Austin Community College (ACC) to disclose institution-wide graduation rates of certificate- or degree-seeking, full-time students entering the institution.

As a result of the new baccalaureate degree in nursing, ACC’s reporting status for the Integrated Postsecondary Data System of the National Center for Education Statistics changed from a public 2-year to a public 4-year institution in Fall 2018. Based on this new status, ACC’s four-year average graduation rate is 9 percent, the transfer-out rate is 37 percent, and the retention rate is 0 percent. The retention rate uses the full-time, first-time-in-college, bachelor degree cohort.  Since ACC currently requires students entering into a bachelor degree program to already have an associate's degree, this number will be 0.

2019 Student Success Report - PDF