Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Health Sciences

Prepare for a career in caring.

As many as one in four new jobs over the next decade are expected to be in healthcare, making it one of the country’s fastest-growing career fields.  As the area’s No. 1 trainer of healthcare professionals, Austin Community College is proud to equip our Health Science students for the important work that lies ahead - for a cost that is considerably lower than other institutions. 


Credit Programs

  • Dental Hygiene

    Hygienists help dentists provide care and offer preventative knowledge that supports oral health. Students train in a state-of-the-art clinic, developing technical and patient-care skills. Upon completion of this program, you will be ready to take regional and national dental hygienist licensing exams.

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  • Diagnostic Medical Imaging - Radiology

    Radiologists use advanced equipment to provide potentially life-saving diagnoses. Your training in this nationally accredited radiology program prepares you to specialize in dozens of clinical areas. Advanced training is also offered for current radiological technologists who wish to update their skills.

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  • Emergency Medical Services Professions

    An emergency medical technician or paramedic has the training to make quick decisions that can save lives. Our EMS degree and certificate pathway helps students progress from entry-level to advanced. You will build a wide range of medical skills and develop the confidence and experience needed to treat patients in any situation.

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  • General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences

    You can major in General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences if you are preparing to apply for a Health Sciences program at ACC or a four-year university. Participation does not guarantee admission to health sciences, but helps you choose courses that make you a more competitive candidate.

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  • Health Information Technology

    Complete and organized patient records are crucial for providing appropriate medical treatment as quickly as possible. Students in this program learn to analyze medical records, assign codes, and process medical information required by insurance companies. Upon completion of the prescribed curriculum, you’re eligible to apply to take examinations for the American Health Information Management Association certification in Registered Health Information Technology (RHIT) and work in a variety of healthcare settings.

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  • Medical Laboratory Technology

    Medical laboratory analysis is now the basis of 85 percent of diagnosis and treatment decisions. ACC’s Medical Laboratory Technology Program helps you prepare for this exciting field with instruction in sample preparation, data analysis, report creation, and more. Your associate degree will prepare you to take the national certification exam.

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  • Nursing

    The Nursing Program provides multiple pathways into nursing, from vocational nursing to registered nursing. Students learn critical patient-care skills along with the high level of communication, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills necessary to excel in the profession.

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  • Occupational Therapy Assistant

    Your training in this program prepares you to help clients overcome the challenges of recovery from illness, injury, or other disabling condition. You’ll receive hands-on clinical experience and expert instruction on the practices, techniques, and equipment you’ll use as a professional. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to take the national certification exam.

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  • Pharmacy Technician

    This program prepares you for a growing number of opportunities in pharmacies across the country. You’ll learn how to prepare medications, provide customer service, maintain patient profiles, and facilitate insurance claims. Upon completion you’ll be ready to take the national Pharmacy Technician Certification exam.

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  • Phlebotomy

    Phlebotomy technicians play critical roles in collecting blood for testing, donation, and research. ACC’s one-semester Phlebotomy Technician Institutional Certificate is one of only two nationally accredited programs in the state. This certification qualifies you to fill a vital role in hospitals, clinics, donation centers, and clinical trial labs.

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  • Physical Therapist Assistant

    Physical therapist assistants help patients regain physical abilities, recover independence, and improve their quality of life. This program equips you with an understanding of exercises, manual techniques, researching skills, and methods for tracking patient progress. Upon completion you’ll be ready to take the national licensing exam.

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  • Pre-Med

    ACC’s Pre-Med Program helps you select the right courses and stay on track toward acceptance into a four-year health sciences program. It’s a jumping-off point for nearly any field of medicine that helps you establish a strong foundation for the next stage of your medical studies.

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  • Sonography

    Sonography uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to provide crucial medical insights. ACC’s Sonography Program provides you with extensive classroom instruction, hands-on practice in an ultrasound scanning lab, and work-based experience through clinical rotations in area healthcare facilities.

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  • Surgical Technology

    In an operating room, patients depend on the attentiveness and precision of a team of medical professionals. As a surgical technologist, you’ll prepare equipment, handle specimens, and ensure that all work areas are clean and ready for operations. This program prepares you to take the national certification exam in this exciting and high-demand field.

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  • Veterinary Technology

    Veterinary technology is one of the fastest-growing career fields in health sciences. This program provides practical experience with clinical laboratory procedures, dental care, surgical assistance, and more. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to take state and national licensing exams.

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Flexible Options

Concordia Connect 3+1

Co-enrollment program allows you to earn a tech degree and bachelor's degree for less money.

Distance Learning

Convenient online classes anywhere an internet connection is available.

Pre-Health Sciences Institute

A supportive community for students seeking admission to a Health Sciences program.

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Anne Arellano, Health Sciences Nursing major
format_quote ACC’s Nursing Program prepares you by challenging your critical thinking and on-the-spot decision-making."
Anne A.
Major: Nursing