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Class Waitlists

Use the waitlist to get the class you want

If the class you want is full, you may be able to add your name to a waitlist. Names are added on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Waitlisting is a option during open registration. Waiting lists are deleted and students are removed from the lists when open registration ends.

Check for waitlist option

If a class offers a waitlist, it is noted in the course listing in the course schedule. You also will see three numbers in brackets:


This means 36 students are currently enrolled, the class capacity is 36, and there are 2 students on the waitlist.

Add your name to a class waitlist

Log in to Online Services and follow steps to register for classes. If a waitlist is offered, select the "WL-Waitlist" from the “Action” dropdown box. Print your class schedule to verify your name is on the waitlist.

If a waitlist is not offered for a class, the “WL-Waitlist” option is not available.

If a seat becomes available

You will be notified by ACCmail if a class has an opening. You then have until midnight the following day to register for the class. For example, if you receive ACCmail notification at 5 p.m. Monday, you have until midnight Tuesday to accept the seat. After midnight Tuesday, you are removed from the waitlist.

To claim your seat, return to Online Servicesand follow the waitlist instructions.

IMPORTANT: You will not be automatically added to the class — you must accept the seat by registering. Check your ACCmail account regularly to avoid missing the opportunity.

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