Business Services
Business Services


It is our goal to provide good customer service to the students whom we serve, vendors who provide services to us, and fellow employees of the College whom we work with daily.


New Items

P3 Proposal: Redevelopment of Former Dillard's Building

ACE Grant Second Round: Grant Application and Instruction (WORD) and the ACE Grant Website

IRS Standard Mileage Rate:

56 cents per mile, effective January 1, 2014

Mileage Chart

FY2014 Budget Manual

FY2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Audit

*SVC Conference Room Reservations are now made through r25


Room 168: Large conference room table with up to 18 chairs, ceiling projector, pc, whiteboard.
Room 133: Large conference table with 16 chairs, ceiling projector, pc, smart board.

WARNING: All confidential and sensitive paper records (record and non-record) are to be sent to Records Management Services (RMS) for destruction. Please contact Laurie Lindholm at 223-1170 or go to the RMS website at for more information or to send paper for destruction.