Post Jobs/Internships

Post Jobs/Internships

ACC is hosting our annual Job Fair & Career Exploration Event, April 6, 1-4 pm, at our Highland Campus. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

ACC invites employers to post job and internship openings on our online job boards and campus bulletin boards. Employers who post jobs or internships must receive prior authorization and adhere to ACC recruiting guidelines.


Students can view positions posted by area employers seeking ACC students and alumni to fill positions or internships without registering. Jobs can be sorted by type (full time, part time, etc.) Automatic email alerts for job seekers based on key words. Searchable listings based on key words.

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Employers are welcome at ACC! Complete the request to recruit on campus form and we will coordinate a visit to the campus of your choice. Employers will be provided a table and 2 chairs in the student commons area. NOTE: Requests to recruit on campus require 2 weeks notice. Please schedule your requests 2 weeks in advance.

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Campus bulletin boards

Fliers and posters for campus bulletin boards must be submitted to Career Services for approval. Once approved, materials will be posted in campus career centers and on bulletin boards at each campus.