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Post Jobs/Internships

ACC invites employers to post job and internship openings on our online job boards and campus bulletin boards. Employers who post jobs or internships must receive prior authorization and adhere to ACC recruiting guidelines.

Online job postings

ACC Career Services offers employers two options for posting jobs and internships. Each offers a unique approach and employers are encouraged to utilize both options. Job posting services are offered at no charge to our students, alumni, and employers.

ACCJobs Job BoardACC Career Services Job Board
The ACCJobs Board, hosted by campus2careers, will match your postings with the best candidates from a database of students and alumni. In addition, posting your job will allow you as a registered employer to:

  1. Create a company profile and post a video that will build your brand on campus
  2. Develop students through career plans, mentoring, and job shadowing
  3. Issue badges and recommendations to students working for you
  4. Employers may post part-time, full-time, internship, or volunteer positions
  • Students can view positions posted by area employers seeking ACC students and alumni to fill positions or internships without registering.
  • Jobs can be sorted by type (full time, part time, etc.)
  • Automatic email alerts for job seekers based on key words
  • Searchable listings based on key words
Registration required Registration is not required
Post Job Post Job

Campus bulletin boards

Fliers and posters for campus bulletin boards must be submitted to Campus Administration for approval. Once approved, employers can take materials to the campus manager's office at the campus to be posted in approved locations.

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