College Connection
College Readiness and the Texas Success Initiative

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment is the state-approved assessment to determine a student’s college readiness status. The College Connection Program will assist high schools with the testing their students need.

ACC actively supports school efforts to provide college readiness curriculum to students before high school graduation. Some of the efforts include:

  • Establishing clear College and Career Pathways that can begin in high school and lead to meaningful credentials (see Pathways 2 Success for more information)
  • Partnering with school districts on the House Bill 5 College Preparatory Courses in Math and English Language Arts (see resources below)
  • Supporting TSI Assessment before high school graduation 

TSI Repository

Through the generous support of TG, Austin Community College has partnered with the E3 Alliance and Austin Partners in Education (APIE) to develop a repository of TSI-related resources for use by teachers, tutors, and other direct practitioners.  These resources can help you build lesson plans, find materials for tutoring sessions, and develop curriculum strategies around the College Career Readiness Standards and TSI Proficiencies.  

Click here to view the TSI Repository Spreadsheets:  (Open with Internet Explorer or Chrome)

The College Connection Program office is happy to assist you with questions you may have about the TSI Assessment and college readiness efforts.  The links below have more information.